Frequently Asked Questions


It’s easy! Sign up using your phone number, find the space you want to book using the search bar on the map, add a payment method, add a vehicle and you’re done. Use Waze to be guided directly to your parking space. 

After you book and pay for a parking space you’ll receive a Parking Pass which will include everything you need to find your space. Read the Parking Instructions then tap on Waze Directions to be guided to your space. If you have any issues then you can simply tap Call or Text and you’ll be connected to the Space Owner to ask any questions about your booking.

Yes, if you park in a space where towing, booting or ticketing is enforced then you have the potential for enforcement. As long as you don’t violate any of the rules then you won’t be affected. You must read all of the Parking Instructions and Features listed which can be found in the space details and in your Parking Pass. We do our best to make sure that you are fully aware of the rules of each booking but if you have any doubt, contact the space owner directly via Text or Call.

You can extend your reservation time directly from the app if it’s available otherwise you are responsible for removing your vehicle by the time your booking expires. If you don’t then you run the risk of being booted, ticketed or towed.

This is the transaction fee to process your payment.

You can book for as little as fifteen minutes or up to several months at a time. Every space has different availability. Use the “Search” feature on the map screen to select your booking time.

Space Owners

You have the potential to earn hundreds of dollars every month depending on your location, availability and amount of space you have to offer. If you have space to share in an area where parking is in high demand then your potential to earn extra money increases.

1st Step: Each booking, both the Space Owner and the Driver have the ability to call or text each other with the tap of a button. Simply go to your Activity Dashboard, tap on the active booking tap, Call or Text to communicate with the user you have an active booking with. You will be connected via HAH’s anonymous communication line.

2nd Step: If the driver does not respond to your text or call then you can contact HAH Support to receive assistance. We will evaluate the situation and can refund your payment if we verify that the Space Owner is non responsive.

Yes, you can still rent out your parking space even if it’s gated but you must provide clear and detailed Parking Instructions. We strongly encourage you to add specific Parking Instructions when you create your listing. This information is only shared with the Driver after a booking is confirmed and we recommend you message them to make them aware of the required Parking Instructions.

If it’s only a one time entry, meaning the driver will not be allowed in and out during the booking period then that must be explicitly listed within the Parking Instructions.

You will receive a push notification any time a Driver reserves your space. Be sure to turn on push notifications for HAH Parking.

When your space is rented you’ll know exactly how much money is coming your way. We send your money directly into your checking account via an ACH bank transfer. It typically takes 1-3 business days from the time you process your transfer via the Space Owner dashboard.

Double check to make sure that you entered all of your correct information. You can also try deleting your Payout Method and starting over. If you still experience issues after your second attempt, you can contact support@hahparking.com for assistance or access our Help line

You will immediately receive a push notification to alert you of the booking. You should review the booking to verify that the space rented by the Driver is in fact available during the hours booked.

If the space is not available for whatever reason then see the next question below for details. If you’re a responsible Space Owner, then the next step is to make sure you provided clear parking instructions and all of your selected space features are available. If there’s any reason that you have questions or would like to provide more instructions to the Driver then you can tap “Text” or “Call” to communicate if you have any questions or special requests.

Guests can come and go as they please unless specifically mentioned in the Parking Instructions. Please be responsible and only list space that you have authority to rent.

If the space is not available for whatever reason then we recommend making it available before the start time of the booking or if that’s not possible, then you must immediately contact the Driver to let them know it’s not available. If you have to cancel the booking then you will get one strike on your account. If you get more than two strikes then you jeopardize having your account suspended. We highly encourage Space Owners to utilize the custom calendar to set specific and detailed information on the availability of your space.

You can list your space for as little as fifteen minutes or months at a time. Simply use our custom Calendar to set specific times that your space is available. Use the Quick Action buttons at the top of the screen to click on a day of the week and set the availability of every future day of that week to either “All Day” or “Off” or you can even set your own “Custom Time Range”. For example: With just a few taps you can set your whole availability schedule to be Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Then let’s say your friend is coming in town next Thursday so you will need that extra space. Simply go into your Calendar and turn off that specific day or set a custom time range. You can fully customize your space availability down to the minute.

No, this is public property and we are not permitted to operate that space. Your space must be on private or commercial property to be listed on the HAH Parking platform. Find out what your local laws allow and be sure to obey them all.

Check your lease agreement and if you’re not sure then it’s your responsibility to ask the owner or manager of the property prior to listing the space on the app.

Yes, you can turn on “Instant Book” under your “Features” anytime you create or edit a listing. If you have Instant Book turned on then make sure that there is no chance at all of the space being occupied. If a driver arrives to your space and they are unable to park then you will receive a strike against your account. After two strikes, you put your account in jeopardy of being suspended.

Yes, you can create multiple spaces under one listing by simply entering the number of spaces you have at that specific address. You can create them one at a time or select the number of spaces if they are all similar in features and rules. You can go back and edit each one individually after they’re created.

Great! If you have multiple parking spaces at more than one location then you can create separate Listings and then list spaces under each listing. For example: You have 4 driveway spaces, 2 garage spaces, 1 yard space, 2 spaces at your office and 1 boat slip. Well, it’s simple.

Listing 1 has three driveway spaces.

Listing 2 has one garage space.

Listing 3 has two spots in the yard.

Listing 4 has one space available at the boat ramp.

Yes, you control how much you want to list your space for. We recommend using our smart pricing tool to maximize your bookings and earn the most money. If you wish to select your own price then do so at your own risk and be conscious of the fair market value of your space based on nearby supply and demand.

Choosing the right price is an important part of being a successful host. HAH operates in a shared economy so the goal is to provide fair pricing based on supply and demand. We encourage users to set a price that they think is fair based on their location and surrounding demand. Would you rather park at a meter for $2/hr or would you prefer to book a guaranteed space with HAH for $2/hr with the option to extend your time with the tap of a button? We recommend setting your price to be equal to or less than competitive parking rates nearby if you want to maximize the efficient use and earning of your space.

If you have no idea what to charge then start with our suggested price guide below.

$1.00-$2.00 per hour

$5.00-$15.00 per day

$50.00-$150.00 per month

You can submit a request to info@hahparking.com for special pricing if you wish to set your price outside of our defined price range. Tell us why you think your space is worth the extra money and we’ll respond with an answer as quick as possible.

Set your Hourly rate. This is the price each Driver will pay per hour until they reach either the Daily Maximum or Monthly Maximum depending on their time booked.

We recommend listing your space for hourly and daily bookings. It depends on the type of space and its schedule of availability. The choice is yours.

Is your space available all day every day with 24/7 access? If yes, then set your hourly rate, daily maximum and monthly maximum rate to offer the most options to Drivers.

If your space is not available all day every day with 24/7 access then you must specify exactly which days and times your space is available.

Take a few minutes and really put some effort into the details of your listing. Choose a fair rate, select accurate availability, provide good details about your space features and transparent rules of the space. Instant Book helps boost your listing.

General Questions

It’s free to download the app! It’s a shared economy so prices are set by the users in the local market that have space to share. Some users will rent their space for free while others will charge an hourly, daily or monthly rate. The price will change based on supply and demand. 

Yes, email info@hahparking.com to find out how we can help with all of your event parking needs.

For the first time ever, HAH is opening up a completely new and exclusive network of parking spaces that were never available until now. You can book your parking space before you even leave the house. HAH is a community of people sharing their space to make parking more efficient than ever before.

Contact support@hahparking.com or tap “Help” in the app and you will be connected with the HAH support team.