In March 2017, Victor Vitali had a problem.  An avid car collector, Victor had more vehicles than he had space to park them.  His solution?  Ask his neighbors if he could rent their unused driveway space.  They said “yes!”, his problem was solved, and the idea for HAH Parking was born! 

The seed began to grow and a few days later while driving through downtown Charleston, he found himself in a similar predicament: tons of empty driveways, yet nowhere to park.  Then it struck him…

"Why not offer private driveways to the public on a larger scale?"

Enter Victor’s brother, Rocky.

The two met downtown, right in front of that empty driveway, and began to talk in earnest.  With that, Victor’s ah-hah moment (or as they now refer to it, their HAH moment), began to take shape.

“Rocky what do you see?”

“Trees, houses, cars…”

“I see missed opportunity. Look at all of these empty, unused driveways.”

Victor and Rocky shifted their focus, entered the startup life, and began their journey to promote the efficient use of underutilized space.

"Our biggest challenge was finding the right software developer - a highly skilled technologist with an urge to change the world. It took 6 months to find this unique individual." 

Enter, Jett Black.

The universe has a sense of irony.  Victor and Rocky first met Jett in 2012 while searching Craigslist for garage space rentals near their complex.  Jett rented out half of his garage, allowing him to store a few of his own things while also earning extra cash.

Now, five years later, they are business partners reunited to run their brainchild, HAH, a mobile app connecting drivers and private owners with space to share.

Victor Vitali


Victor is our fearless leader and sales extraordinaire.  Leading the charge as visionary for HAH, “no” is simply a challenge.

Rocky Vitali


Rocky is the muscle behind the scenes, managing business development, space inventory, web operations and day-to-day workflows.

Jett Black


Jett combines full-stack development expertise and a love of cutting edge technology to architect app infrastructure and develop innovative new features.

We see communities with problems to solve and plenty of space to share.  HAH empowers individual contribution to a public marketspace.

Let’s share and earn together!

Promote the efficient use of underutilized space.

Efficiency. Cooperation. Innovation. Sustainability.